Powerful Community Engagement

Hosted in the cloud. Integrated with your site.
Your time is precious.
Don't waste it struggling with
lousy forum software.
Get the benefits of a vibrant
forum community without the
stress or aggravation.
Create a private forum
just for your team. Make your
forum for employees only
or manage paid subscriptions.

We also do Single Sign-On (SSO)
so you control access.
Brilliant support for rich media
like photos and video. Users
can even upload photos
from their phones.
upshot: more hilarious cat
pictures for everyone.
Make smarter business
decisions. Ninja Post measures
content generated by users to
identify patterns and trends.

Other platforms are just places
for users to talk.
“As iron sharpens iron, so one
man sharpens another.” Users
love to motivate each other,
share knowledge, and build
Connect them
with Ninja Post.
Satisfaction Guaranteed 15-day free trial on all accounts
Try Ninja Post risk-free
Why Ninja Post?
  • Fast, Like A Ninja Handle tons of traffic without crashing or sputtering. Plus, threads update in real time. Read more »
  • Private Forum Make your forum for members-only. Perfect for your employees to interact with one another. Read more »
  • Problems Resolved We will step in on your behalf to solve disputes and respond to user requests, such as lost passwords. Read more »
  • Rich Media Support Users can quickly add photos and videos to threads or to the photo and video galleries. Read more »
  • Higher Participation Achieve higher user participation, longer time on site, and more pageviews than other platforms. Guaranteed! Read more »
  • More Revenue Monetize your traffic without antagonizing users. We will share our expertise with you. Read more »
  • Collaboration & Friendships Create a home for your tribe so they can work together and build friendships. Read more »
  • Spam Defense Take a proactive stance to defend your forum against spammers. We despise forum spam. Read more »
  • Trending Content Measure the content generated by your users with our dashboard which captures what is being said. Read more »
  • MailChimp Keep your newsletter in sync! Quickly import or export users to and from MailChimp. Read more »
  • Single Sign-On Integrate user accounts with your main site and your forum. Just choose a handle and go! Read more »
  • Private Groups Create "VIP" groups just for certain members. Privacy from other members as well as search engines. Read more »
NinjaPost Examples
“The goal of the forum is to build a community for members to interact with each other and work together to achieve their goals. Also, it brings in more hits via search engines and this traffic can be monetized to produce extra income.”
—Tony F., owner
“Ninja Post is a convenient and useful way for fans to reach out to us, one another, and share thoughts, memories, pictures, etc. We tried other forums in the past but ended up with a slew of junk posts, spam, etc. I don't know how you manage it!”
—Theresa R., admin
“Share your goals and objectives for your project and we will do whatever it takes to achieve a successful outcome for you and your organization. We will earn your trust by delivering exceptional value and the best customer service.”
—Mike Wilt, founder
Ninja Post