About Ninja Post
Our forum software delivers the things your community craves most. Collaboration. New friendships. Inspiration. Just imagine what your users can do together.
Now, imagine what that means for you.
More page views. More SEO. More insights.
We'll even show you how to monetize your
traffic without upsetting your users.
These are the core values we live by:
  1. Make life easier for you.
  2. Many people say, “I'd love to do a forum, but I don't have time.” Others perceive their forum as a boondoggle instead of a productivity center. We will work with you to change that perception and earn your business as a trusted partner.

  3. Provide a home for your tribe.
  4. It has been said that a tribe needs two things: a shared interest and a way to communicate. We make it easy for members of your tribe to communicate. We are deeply motivated by the prospect of helping your users work together and build friendships.

  5. Make it fun and rewarding to participate.
  6. We strive to provide the best user experience possible. We believe that:

    • Pages should load instantaneously.
    • It should be easy for anyone to sign up and contribute.
    • Spam, trolling, and other abuses should be mitigated.
    • Access should be available from any device, anywhere.
  7. Capture the essence.
  8. Discussion platforms are everywhere, whether they are white-labeled solutions or open source software. We will help you derive value from your user generated content, versus just having an area for people to talk.

  9. Always improve.
  10. We study user feedback and user behavior to gauge our progress and iterate based on this feedback. We are always seeking ways to make life easier for you (see #1 on this list) and to elicit more meaningful contributions from members. We work hard every day to make Ninja Post better.