3 Reasons Why Country Flags Improve Community Engagement On Your Forum

We recently implemented a suggestion from our users to insert the national flag for each user’s country of origin next to their user name after they add a post.

When several users advised us to implement this feature, we had not seriously considered how or why flags would enhance the forum community.

However, after implementing this feature, several benefits became obvious:

  1. Diversity & Tolerance. Flags emphasize the diversity of the forum and this seems to make people act more tolerant toward one another.
  2. Background Information. Knowing where a user hails from gives clues about their circumstances. This background information makes it easier to empathize with the user and understand what it’s like to be in their shoes.
  3. User-To-User Connections. Practically, knowing a user’s general location helps users connect with people from their own country and can signal whether a person is awake or asleep at a given time.

In sum, flags make the forum community experience more engaging. They’re not always useful — e.g., if your community is clustered around a specific physical location and everyone’s from the same locale, flags won’t help much.

But on boards where the user base is spread across the world, flags create an extra dimension that helps users engage with one another.

country flags for forum users

3 Responses to 3 Reasons Why Country Flags Improve Community Engagement On Your Forum

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  2. Forumer says:


    It’s a great idea to improve engagement of users and members. Forum’s visitors come from many countries and display a flag is a way to connect people and show the mixed population on our forums. But I have a question, what’s happend when I’m clicking on this flag ? There is a list of members from this country ? It can be a solution to make a micro social network according the country.

    Thank you for this feature !

  3. Mike W. says:

    Forumer, thanks for your comment!

    Right now, when you click on a flag, the link takes you to the user’s profile, where you can see more details about the user, including their location, Facebook page, etc. But mostly, the flag is there for display purposes only.

    We might expand this feature so that you can click on a flag and select users from that particular country – just like you suggest. Great idea! 🙂

    Thanks again for your feedback.

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