Forum Software And “The IKEA Problem”

Is there anything worse than coming home after shopping at IKEA? Now, the shopping experience is actually pretty fun. Navigating through the maze, thinking about what could be, and finding the perfect deal is a challenging and often times rewarding process.

The problem is that when you get home, you have to put everything together yourself. All of a sudden, that MALM chest or HEMNES bookcase or other Swedish-named what-have-you is just a heavy pile of wood and a bunch of screws in a box. Putting together your new furniture is a painful part of what should be a positive experience. Even though instructions are included they are not always easy to follow.

We find the same thing is true with forum software. Even if the end result is worth the blood, sweat, and tears, it’s painful to get everything set up. One of the most common things that site owners tell us is that they want a forum and its benefits but they don’t have time to get it started. That’s why we remove the blood, sweat, (and especially) the tears from the equation and make launching your new forum as pain-free as possible.

For us, setting up a new forum is easy and fun because we’ve done it so many times. Some may think that we have a twisted idea of what constitutes a fun time but to us — building beautiful forums that match your site down to the pixel is the fun. And hopefully it’s fun for you too, as a site owner. Building your community platform is not always going to be easy but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.


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