Migrating To A Hosted Forum Solution: What You Need To Know

We have successfully migrated many different legacy platforms to Ninja Post. During this process we work closely with company personnel to ensure smooth transition. Our goal is to eliminate the pain, anguish, and uncertainty when it comes to changing platforms.

We talk to many site owners who are running a successful community on a platform that is less than ideal. They often say they feel trapped. The day-to-day rigors of running their main site and keeping their forum afloat are enough to make them think twice about making a change, even if there is a guaranteed return on investment.

In order to migrate your forum to a hosted forum solution like Ninja Post please take the following steps so we can help you:

  1. Export existing database. Be sure to include user names and email addresses, thread titles, posts, thread categories (if applicable), and groups (if applicable).
  2. Export images. This includes any images uploaded by users as well as users’ avatars.

When we receive this data we will resolve any platform differences (e.g., are the rules for user names different?), examine the character encoding on the data, and then import the data in relatively small chunks. We’ll start with users, then move onto thread titles, and then onto posts. Finally, we will set up a special page to help users create a new password and claim their old account.

After that, its a matter of Quality Assurance and slowly expanding the circle of trust until you’re ready to send an email blast to the entire community to let them know the good news.

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