Rich Media And Mobile Uploads For Forum Software

One of our core values is to make it fun and rewarding for users to participate. We have found that supporting rich media (especially that animated gif where they guy’s head explodes) is crucial to achieving this objective. Therefore, we have gone to great lengths to accommodate users’ increasing appetites for posting rich media such as photos and videos to threads.

For starters, we make it easy to add images and YouTube videos to threads. Secondly, we allow users to upload photos and videos to their profiles. Finally, we provide communities with a Photo Gallery and Video Gallery that aggregates content from individual profiles.

With the last year or so, we noticed a particular demand from users to upload photos from mobile devices. The rationale is easy to follow: camera-equipped mobile phones are now ubiquitous, forum participants are inclined to share their photos, and, as the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Why spend time typing on a finicky, miniature keyboard when a picture can say it all? Adding this feature was a no-brainer. We are incredibly excited that users can upload pics while on the go and we’re keen to see how users incorporate this feature into their communities.

uploading a photo to the forum from a mobile device

Above: Uploading a photo to the forum from a mobile device.

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