Optimize Customer Acquisition Costs

Organic search results, AdWords, and outreach via Twitter and Facebook are three of the most common ways to drive traffic to your site. But no matter how you attract visitors, the process is either time consuming or expensive or both.

Worse, once users make it to your site, they often vanish without a trace. Ninja Post message board software mitigates this scenario by making your website more engaging, more like a Borders or Barnes & Noble. It’s not hard to conceive of a message board that:

  • Anchors your social media strategy;
  • Allows you to optimize customer acquisition costs;
  • Keeps users coming back to your site; and
  • Helps you develop stronger customer relationships

That’s exactly what Ninja Post is designed to do.

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Make Your Website A “Destination” – How Ninja Post Can Help

Once upon a time, bookstores were functional but dull: customers stayed only as long as it took to make a purchase. In the 1990s, bookstores became more social. They offered an upscale atmosphere with armchairs and Starbucks coffee. They became “destinations” and encouraged customers to stay, browse, and chat.

Ninja Post does the same thing for your website (minus the coffee shop). It provides a forum to interact with your users and lets them interact with one another. Customer feedback enhances product development. Visitors become fans. All this translates into increased page views, more time spent on your site, more revenue, and happier customers.

Ninja Post complements social networks like Facebook and Twitter to unify your social media strategy. Threads update in real time like a chat, and the design is elegant and easy to brand. Ninja Post is hosted in the cloud so setup is painless. We’ll integrate it with your URL but do the heavy lifting on the back end to keep your forum running fast.


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