Why A Private Forum Makes Sense For Many Organizations

Private forums appeal to many organizations because they provide an environment that is safe and secure from prying eyes but accessible to approved members from virtually any device. If your goal is to help employees connect with one another and create a persistent knowledgebase, a private forum makes perfect sense.

Although an email list can be limited to members-only and is relatively secure, mailing list content is not easy to browse, support for rich media is limited at best, and the content is difficult to categorize and search. On the other side of the spectrum, enterprise level social networks like Yammer and Jive tend to be overkill: their complexity can hinder adoption and their vast feature set only makes sense for a handful of the most gigantic corporations.

A private forum launched with Ninja Post strikes a good balance because it’s neither too simplistic nor too complicated. This balance encourages participation and, at the same time, preserves content for years to come. It creates a foundation for progress and improved camaraderie. For example, a private forum allows an organization to:

  • Improve sales. A sales team can quickly disseminate information to one another.
  • Improve company-wide communication. An entire organization—from CEO to front-line employees—can interact.
  • Improve on-boarding of new employees. New hires can get instant advice and feedback from company veterans.

These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. Nevertheless, they demonstrate how powerful—and just how integral—a private forum can be for many organizations.

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The Cocktail Party From Hell

Imagine attending a cocktail party where the host only permits guests to talk about subjects that he or she deems worthy. No other topics are allowed. Sounds pretty lame, right? Well, reading a popular blog is like attending a party where the host controls the topics of conversation since readers can only comment on stories created by the site owner.

Ninja Post forum software alleviates this problem by allowing users to interact with one another more directly. Ninja Post gives users a place to hang out and the freedom to talk about any topic. Most importantly, Ninja Post makes it easy for users to share knowledge with one another and forge meaningful connections.

Serving as a platform to connect like-minded individuals with one another is one of the driving forces behind Ninja Post. After all, the best parties are the ones where you’re free to meet and interact with everyone in attendance.

"Cocktail Party" by Charlie White (2000)

Image credit: Cocktail Party by Charlie White (2000)

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