Judging Forum Software Pound For Pound

Ninja Post forum software is fast, nimble, and powerful like Manny Pacquiao. Meanwhile, traditional forum software is bloated and slow like Butterbean. Yes, Butterbean-type software can get the job done, but not in the most elegant way. Feature bloat is ugly and an unfortunate trait inherent in most forum software packages.

We believe that, pound for pound, Ninja Post is the best forum software. Speed and power are combined within a lightweight framework. Threads update in real time, like a chat so the user does not need to constantly refresh the page to see if new items have been posted. Speed, elegance, and power trump an endless array of features. Ninja Post has the most essential features for users in your community to engage with one another.

A lightweight framework that is fast, nimble, and powerful

Can get the job done, but not in the most elegant way


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Traction Suggestion: Trivia Night

One way to get a lot of users interacting on your Ninja Post forum at the same time is to schedule a weekly trivia night. This is an excellent way to leverage Ninja Post’s chat-like functionality since threads update in real time without the need to constantly refresh the page.

Plus it’s a great incentive to get users to try Ninja Post in the first place, especially if there is a small prize up for grabs. Once users try your Ninja Post forum and get a sense for how fun and interactive it is, we expect them to revisit your site on a regular basis.


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Brain Jazz

Life is a lot like jazz… it’s best when you improvise. —George Gershwin

One inspiration for Ninja Post was borne out of an interview that I conducted with Steve Silberman several years ago. Steve is a co-author of the book Skeleton Key: A Dictionary for Deadheads and he is a contributing editor at Wired magazine.

Steve noted that The WELL, one of the earliest online communities, was once described as a stage for “brain jazz”: a global improvised jam where knowledge is the medium of exchange instead of musical notes.

To bring the notion of brain jazz to life, every Ninja Post thread updates in real time. We combined the stability of a traditional message board with the dynamic nature of a chat room. This makes the forum experience more fun, interactive, and improvisational.

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