Why Spammers Love Unpopular Forum Communities

We previously examined reasons why unpopular forums require so much effort. One of the reasons we gave is that an unmonitored forum is a haven for spammers and bots. If a forum doesn’t have much legitimate traffic, there is no motivation to monitor the forum 24×7. Spammers love unpopular forums because they are usually unmonitored which means they are free to swarm the community with their rubbish.

What we have learned over the years is that if spammers locate an empty forum, they will do their best to take over that forum. It might be a low-value target but it’s often an easy target. By contrast, we’ve found that spammers are less likely to have success targeting forums with extra security or if they know their content will be removed quickly.

One of the extra benefits of a popular forum is that it’s monitored by users around the clock. This is a huge advantage for a busy site because if (or, more likely, when) a spammer does slip through, legitimate users are on standby to flag and/or remove the content immediately. Unfortunately, unpopular forums lack this extra security “feature”.

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  2. Very nice. I am facing the same kind of problem in my forum. There are a lot of spammer registering. My Discussion Forum is not that old. Thanks.

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