More Thoughts On Pagination And Forum Software Design

As noted previously, there are instances where infinite scrolling makes sense. For example, it makes sense when viewing a stream of photos or scanning a list of popular topics. But for content that requires a higher level of engagement we believe it makes sense to break out the content over several pages.

This approach can lead to a legitimate problem: what happens when a thread reaches thousands of posts—or even more daunting—thousands of pages? While some enthusiasts might get a perverse thrill from scaling a proverbial Mt. Everest for any given forum, most won’t attempt the climb and those who do are unlikely to make it to the top or find the content they’re looking for.

For this reason, Ninja Post imposes an artificial limit of 500 posts per thread. This ensures that content stays fresh, users stay on topic (or at least nearby), and threads are not so overloaded with replies that they become intractable. While popular threads often spill over into “Part Twos,” we find this approach keeps content in a format that permits an extensive and thorough discussion but remains easy for users to digest.

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