Ninja Post Featured On StartUpLift invites users to test and provide feedback about your site. Ninja Post used StartupLift to elicit answers to the following questions:

  • Visit Do you understand how to register?
  • Do you feel comfortable registering for the site?
  • Would you prefer a more traditional log in/registration system even if it’s more cumbersome?
  • Are you able to compose a test thread?
  • Are you able to post a reply to a thread?
  • Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

The feedback we received was insightful, well detailed, and plentiful. We received 19 comments altogether, which exceeded my expectations. In recent months, most of the feedback we get has come from site admins, so it was exciting to get feedback from end users for a change.

Some users expressed concern about using Ninja Post’s current log in and registration system which relies on existing account to register for the forum. Despite a warning message at the top of the forum’s home page which tries to assuage concerns that end users might have, several users still perceived the system to be insecure or that “their info would end up everywhere.” At the same time, other users recognized the convenience of authenticating with an existing account. “I found it very 1-2-3 easy to register, I believe simple is best,” said one reviewer. Even though the feedback is mixed, it’s still very useful to know what individual users think about certain design choices.

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