Why Site Owners Look To Ninja Post #FOMO #Fun

If there was one similarity shared by our clients it would probably be that they used to suffer from FOMO (that is, the fear of missing out) in one way or another.

Site owners feared missing out on an opportunity to help their users help one another and/or feared missing an opportunity to improve their site traffic, revenue, etc. That fear finally got the best of them because there is nothing worse than “what might have been.” So glad we could cure it.

Specifically, site owners turned to us when they were:

  • Frustrated that their current system is not used or well-liked by their users.
  • Facing limitations of a legacy platform that does not support rich media like photos or provide an experience optimized for mobile.
  • Continually embarrassed by the image projected by their current platform.
  • Too busy managing their main site to grow or monetize their forum community.
  • Unable to find a truly integrated solution that works with existing user accounts on their main site.
  • In need of peace of mind regarding potential attacks from spammers, trolls, or abusive users.

We cannot be all things for all people. But when it comes to the above-mentioned subject areas we are confident we can help site owners. Still, it seems like there’s something missing from the equation.

When we press our clients to find out why they really turn to us, they add that in addition to helping them solve problems, we make community engagement fun. That’s the way it should be. If it’s not fun, why bother?

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